Glassblowing Company Vogel ...
The Glassblowing Company Vogel was found on July 1st, 1993.It led by Mr. Gerald Vogel, engineering graduate chemist. We follow the line of production which is closely connected with the name of Heinrich Geissler, one of the most famous glassblowers of our Thuringian region.

Our specialities are radiometer (light mills) and gas-discharge tubes on base of the work of Geissler and many other glassblowers of the past years. These light mills are offered in various forms and decors, whereby we rely on the traditional Thuringian techniques of the glassblowers and glass painter.

A further product field are electrical medical electrodes for the Tefra high frequency therapy. In cooperation with our users a set of electrodes was renewed or develops further. Our choice of products covers ca. 50 different electrodes for the most various applications.
Naturally we are also busy in producing gift items, following the tradition line of Lauscha. The glass pen is especially worth mentioning. We would like to emphasise that our products are not only characterised by there beauty, but they also have an exact application, a physical background and they correspond to the spirit of time. We are, of course, able to develop and design a product according to the special request of a customer.

The dispatch of the products is individual according to the customer's request to the different parts of the world. Among our customers are special shops and factories in Thuringia, Germany, Europe, USA, Japan and Australia.

The Glassblowing Company Vogel has been a member of the Guild of the Thuringian Glassblowers, the Federation of German Glassblowers and the Federation Lauschaer Glaskunst®. Therefore our work always focuses on a high quality of our products. Mr. Gerald Vogel has taken up honorary post of the national guild master of the Thuringian Glassblowers since 1999. For the light mill included in a pyramid our company received the Design prize of the guild.
As our team consists of experienced and young builders for glass apparatuses an exchange of experiences and techniques is available in the field of art and glassblowing. The further in-service training and qualification of our staff is an important task to meet the highly demanding requirements of our customers.

The efficiency and competence of our glassblowers has been evident at various exhibitions in Germany and Europe. Recently we participated in a presentation of the Thuringian Glassblowers in the national gallery of Lithuania in Vilnius.
Since 1996, our party at the historic Glass Christmas Weißenfels the city in Saxony-Anhalt. This year we have the City of Glass Princess Lauscha to our stand. In 1999, together with the fashion designer Ute Stephan from Erfurt and my colleagues glassblower Lothar Mueller-Schmoß the world's first hand blown glass dress created. This dress was in the context of fashion presentation "element" of the Ute Stephan Kaisersaal in Erfurt and the public for charity auction. For the opening of the Federal Environment Agency in 2005, the Glass key was in my company produced.
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