Opening the federal ministry of Environment 2005

Production of the key to open the building in Dessau Bernd Lattermann , Gerald Vogel

Glass dress for the fashion show "elements" 1999 Erfurt Kaisersaal

first handmade dress from Lauscha Glass Ute Stephan, Gerald Vogel, Lothar Müller-Schmoß

Exhibition in the National Galerie ot Lithunia in Vilnius 2002
Link zur Hompage von - WDR - Die Sendung “Kopfball” - Experimente Lichtmühle
WDR - television broadcast KOPFBALL Experiments with a Crookes Radiometer
production of a sand timer for the Semper Idem Unterberg AG
Prduction of a sand timer for the academic sailing club in Hamburg 2008
Sand timer for SAT1 "Gräfin gesucht" 2008