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Gerald Vogel
Head master of the Glassblower Federation of Thüringen
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Montag, 23. März 2009
at first sight you believe in a perpetuum mobile, secondly you might remember your physics instruction at school, but why this thing really turns ...
... while the mechanical clock started its victorious career in terms of time measurement, the sand or hour clock was at first a serious competitor....
Every plant lover will enjoy the added flair the water-dispenser and flower sticks will give to their home décor....
were originally not created in Murano, but by Thuringian Glassblowers. If you would like to know why read this .....
Glass beads would produced since about 4000 years. Soon this piece of jewelry made of glass and fantasy attach almost the same worth like precious stone ....
Products radiometer Products hourglasses Products flower stickers and water dispenser Products glass pens products glass beads
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Drink glasses
Tefra electrodes
Industry compounds
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Password, please contact address below
Password, please contact address below
About my company
.... our specialities are
Crookes `s Radiometer and gas tubes on the basis of works by H. Geissler ...
.... Members of the Thuringia Glassblowers Federation pull the longest glass tube in the world ...
... Organizations, excursions, lodging facilities, Hometown
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Opening of the Federal Environmental Office in Dessau in 2005 ... we produced the
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In our online shop to find products exclusively from German production. They come from my glass blowing company, or by artisans from the Glass Art Guild of the Land of Thuringia and bear the trade mark LAUSCHAER GLASKUNST . We offer from Christmas decorations to drinking glasses a wide range of products.
Obstlergläserset Reno 130 €
Radiometer venetian spindle 29 €
Radiometer on a modern elm stand 31 €
Hourglass Pauline 49 €
Obstler glasses 130 €
Radiometer 29 €
Radiometer 31 €
Sand timer 49 €
Orchid sticker 19 €
Orchid sticker 19 €
Sand timer 14 €
Christmas tree bird 12 €
Christmas balls for the german chancellor 2008
Christmas market Weißenfels
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Honorary Master
the longest glass tube of the world
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