Data-protection and data-security

We are of course conscious that the careful contact is you very important with your personal data. For this reason, we thank you for your trust. With the transmission of your personal data, you give us your approval that your person-referential data exclusively to the following purposes in accordance with the federal-data-protection-law can use. You can this consent of course anytime withimmediate effect taken back.

Responsible position:
Mr. Gerald Vogel, manager,
Telephone: +49 (03 67 62) 32 26 5
Vogel die Glasbläserei
Rottenbach 8
D - 98724 Steinach

Appropriations the data-census, -processing or utilization:
Object of the business is the shipping-trade of products from Lauschaer glass.
The data-census, -processing, -utilization or -transmission takes place to the exercise the purpose mentioned above.

Description of the concerned person-groups and the relating to this data or data-categories:
Tidings-data, co-worker-data as well as data of suppliers as well as other business partner, provided these collect we to the fulfillment of that under the point following information named purposes necessary is.

Recipients or categories of recipients, who of the data can be informed:
IIn the framework of the data-protection-legal regulations as well as when available of the corresponding consent, tidings-data turn into the Solvency tests and for marketing-purposes at other businesses relayed.

Rule-periods for the closing of the data:
After course of the lawful periods, the corresponding data become delete as a matter of routine. Provided data are not touched from this, they become delete, if the under 5. named purposes is discontinued.
Planned data-transmission in third-states:
IA transmission in third-states is not planned. Your personal data and information, that you make available us, serve us for the handling of orders, the delivery of merchandise, and producing of services as well as the handling of the payment, with bill-purchase also for necessary examinations. we uses these, to support information of course also about you with the purchase with better. If it is wished by you, we also use your information about with you over orders, products, services and, to speak marketing-offers, just as your data over your - account, to prepare. We use to improve your information also to it, our catalog and our shop constantly.

We collect following information:
· Information, that you give us
We grasp and store information, that you input on our website or convey us in an order. You can adjudicate, us, not to give certain information, what can lead to it however, that you cannot use many of our offers.
· Automatic information:
as soon as you establish contact with us, gets and stores certain information we. Examples for information are internet - protocol - address, IP, information over computers and connection to the internet like for example browser-type and version, operating system and platform. Sundries suppliers .Websites offer software, with which it is possible, to visit anonymous.

Examples can you under: look up.
Of course, we can offer you no personal purchase-experience more then.
· Communikation per email:
In order to be able to step with you over e-mails in connection, we store address your e-mail, that we over newsletter, my tidings-area or hrough email contact has attained, from.
Provided you want to get no e-mails of us in principle, you can disagree with the utilization anytime. This can as well as in the newsletter, my tidings-area or over our customer service takes place.
· Information from other sources:
we keep ourselves the right before, with third, for example shipping-dealers, credit-credit inquiry agencies, to catch up with information over your payment-behavior, about you certain payment-possibilities (for example bill-purchase) or, to offer other finance-services.
Does relay information?
Information over our customers is important for us and helps us to optimize our offer.
· To service provider:
We engage other businesses and individuals with the fulfillment of tasks for us. Examples are and a package-delivery, program of letters, or handling of payments, credit card, debit-procedures and bill-purchase, just as tidings-services. These service provider have access to personal information, that is required to the fulfillment your tasks. These are not allowed to You however to uses other purposes in addition, they are committed, the information in accordance with this data-protection-explanation as well as the German Data-protection-laws, to treat.
· To serious partners:
Your address is referred at selected serious partners if need be. This takes place under strictest observation of the handicaps of the BDSG and the German directly-marketing of association. You can the utilization and passing on of your address for purposes of the advertisement or the market - or opinion-research anytime contradicts.

About our newsletter, you are informed regularly over news, special offers or other actions. You should yourself with our. Newsletter has written down, you can be sure that address is used your e-mail only by us. Either, your data don't can through third businesses, persons or institutions by purchase is acquired. Of course, you can cancel the newsletteragain anytime.

Does cookies use? uses no lasting cookieses, that exist over the visit, remains.
What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small information-package, that is set aside with the visit of the website on the computer. With the renewed call of this website, recognize the program this cookie and can get ready individually for your interests.
What do the cookie mean - warnings?
Over your browser, it is possibly to be prevented the letter dated cookies. You will warn each time then, a website should write a cookie wants. You can adjudicate then whether you want to agree. Not all websitens work with and without cookies like. Each time doesn't shall one
Warning is spent, you can also reactivate the warnings. Below, you find instructions for different confessed browser:
Microsoft Internet Explorier 5.0:
Click with the right mouse-button on the Internet Explorer-Symbol, you " choose qualities "; and afterwards the register-card " security ".Click step on the button " adapts " and goes you to the section " of cookies ". marks you " activating " in both sub-categories (" cookies) assumes, that cookieses per session are stored and " assume, stored not,)". click you " OK ", to adopt about the new attitudes, and on " O.K. ", about which Interneteigenschaften too abandoned.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x:
Click in the Internet Explorer menu on extras and internet options. Put the regulator behind the rider-card data-protection " on " method-high ".Click on " O.K. " in order to activate the new attitudes and afterwards on " O.K. ", about the menu " internet features " too abandoned.
Netscape Navigator 7.x:
Click processing in the menu on preferences. Click Privacy on the category " & security " and " cookies ". activates you " Enable cookies based on privacy " and clicks you on " view ". pushes you the regulator on " middle " and clicks you two marks on O.K. then.

Data-transfer with SSL:
We are conscious us that data-security is an important topic when shopping in the internet for you. For this reason, we use for transferring your personal data, address, tidings-number, order-data..., from all areas the so named SSL-technics (Secure Socket Layer). treats your data after the highest standards of the data-protection consequently. your data are consequently protected against unauthorized access.Nearer information to this topic gets you here!

If you have questions regarding the application of your personal data, you can yourself at our, under the position 3 named Data-protection-representatives turn.

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